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Monday, 13-Aug-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
bristol.. day two

tak panas ke dik??
jack enjoying food & attention
mana la budak2 x suka.. jack siap nak jadi pirate lagi
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hmm.. pagi ni started off a bit.. how should is say.. wrong? ye la kan.. bgn2 je ujan.. dah la janji ngan bebudak semalam nak gi zoo.. jackets budak2 yg dibawak lak tgk2 both belonged to jack.. humphh.. terpaksa la make do je kan.. kesian mirul

nway, we had burger king's veg burger (should hv gone for the beanburger, lagi ok rasanye) the kids pekena fries & onion rings..n we decided to go to the zoo jugak if it's just a drizzle.. so bought a bit of pastries kat greggs.. n kuar2 dr mall.. yupp the rain dah nampak reda sket.. ok lorr.. jom gi zoo..

after zoo.. ingat nak gi bath.. but hujan start balik.. so cancel!

Sunday, 12-Aug-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
bristol.. day one

kat explore at bristol.. 2mins away fr de hotel
naik rides
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hmm.. sempena travelodge buat summer offer ni.. kitorang pun check2 dates & tmpt.. dpt la family room kat bristol central for 15quid.. so..we booked it back in july kot.. at that time kengkonon nye forecast kata it'll be the hottest summer yet.. alih2 it turned out to be the wettest ever.. alhamdulillah tho on the first day we arrived there, the weather was quite nice.. so, kitorang explore the place a bit and kebetulan ada balloon festival going on (huh.. ckp je balloon festival, it's more of a big funfair.. well, maybe becos we were there on its last day..) we had fun nonetheless..

mlm tuh, we thot of hvg fillet of fish kat mcd for dinner, but since bebudak lapar.. the first eatery yg kitorang nampak was pizza express.. so we end up there.. hehe.. mama & ayah ok aje sbb mmg suka sgt la kan..

Saturday, 4-Aug-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
outdoor fun..

suka nye dia..
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today, we went to memorial park again.. main objective: try out their 'splash n play park'.. n oh boy, it was really good.. everybody had massive fun .. n got terribly tired in the end. balik2 rumah jer, ayah nyer n mirul tido terus.. hehe

Monday, 30-Jul-2007 20:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
brownies pnye pasal..

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hmm.. mirul n jack.. brownies punye pasal.. mmg bab 'clean-up' the mixing bowl tuh xde can la nak lepas dr derang..

Thursday, 19-Jul-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
memorial park

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yeay sunny weather.. but since mama nyer ada appointment ngan project supervisor sampai lunchtime, takleh la nak gi jauh2 sgt.. so ayah nyer suggest kita ke memorial park which is abt 5mins drive from uni.. ok lorr.. bleh budak2 lari2.. main kat playpark. on de way back, main hide & seek ngan ayah nyer lak.. it was so funny cos mirul kept blowing the cover to yg dok tgh hide.. pehtu masa count pun, mirul kept getting ahead with the counts

ayah: 1.. 2.. 3. (jack's trying to hide)
mirul: 4!
ayah: 5...6...
mirul: 7.8!

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