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Sunday, 2-Mar-2008 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
aidilfitri 2007

tgh kill time before time to board the bus..
hubby dearie having sushi instead of juadah raya for dinner..
the boys dah comot after beraya at the first house
here's another..
special raya pose from jack
mirul gettin ready to go to the next house
jack siap with jacket.. just in case it gets too cold..
lepas makan.. depan umah abg fuad/kak shida
mirul with bibik
me boys..
tired out
like totally.. tak sempat nak cakap ngan tok & pah..
it has been a while since i've last updated this fp. been a bit lazy.. but since che abg dah sound "ishh dah 6mths since we last update this.. sian kat family kat mesia takleh tgk bebudak ni haa.." mula la moi start membelek folder2 gambar yg ada & update apa yg patut..

this time raya.. x mcm raya pun rasa.. y? well.. me & hubby had to go to london due to prior career commitment.. travelling arrangement pun dah taken care of & everything.. ye la we expected raya to fall on the 13th, tup tup.. jatuh on the 12th plak kat sini.. so the whole day of raya, we were apart from the kids.. we left really early & balik quite late at nite, derang dah tido..

nways, esoknyer (13th) we went to a few houses.. i think three houses kot - so merasa jugak la beraya tuh albeit a bit later.. but gambarnye tak banyak cos mama too tired to take pics..

on the 14th, we made a bit of makan2.. ajak a few close frens to come round.. i think i made nasi briyani kambing, chicken roast, kuzi ayam, brownies, lots of cookies (made masa bulan puasa).. thanks to the wonders of internet, banyak jugak la dpt resipi cookies yg best.. silap tak amik gambar bebanyak

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